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Taking our first steps into exploration and learning.

Our Pioneers room is created for children taking their first steps in their developmental journey. In our Pioneers room we are between six weeks of age and two years. The environment in the Pioneers is a nurturing and warm homely space. Our routine relies and focuses on working with you at home to give consistent care for your baby. To assist with transitions and meeting their individual needs we understand that their home routines may vary from child to child. Working together with you, we incorporate meal time, tummy time and rest time to ensure a consistent approach for your child to ensure that they feel safe and secure as they start to explore their new environment.

During the first two years of development, children are fostering trust and awareness, learning non verbal communication and cues and systematic approaches to learning. Infants are progressively learning to venture out on their own, utilising physical skills driven by their intellectual curiosity.

You can follow our Pioneers learning journeys through each child’s Learning Profile in their room.


Developing our spatial awareness and sense of self.

Our Wanderers room is created to provide children between the ages of two and three to develop a wider sense of self, to explore and develop spatial awareness and the tools to navigate their world. The room is bright and inviting, offering natural light and cosy spaces for our children to build on their exploration of the world and themselves. Our routine, begins to assist our Wanderers in extending their attention span, and beginning to spend longer in planned intentional activities. This space cultivates opportunities for our Wanderers on the early stages of self-confidence and self-awareness.

Our beautiful large rooms allow for free flow play and spaces for children to try different activities whilst also allowing for the room to be divided into smaller spaces for meal times, rest time, small groups and quiet time. Our extensive bathrooms are designed for children to learn how to use the toilet in preparation for our Creators and Achievers room.

You can follow our Wanderers learning journeys through each child’s Learning Profile in their room.


Fostering and developing our knowledge for a love of life long learning

Exploring our potential into what makes us great and unique

Our extensive Creators and Achievers room offers large spaces for free flow play and exploration. The rooms can be divided to provide smaller spaces for meals, rest time and smaller group learning. For our children aged between three and six, the environment is filled with activities and opportunities to cultivate their self-awareness, harness their imagination and cognitive strengths and become more independent, capable and resilient learners. 

For our Creators and Achievers, developing skills such as social and emotional independence, self-help whilst being able to manage and adapt to change will create confident personalities and prepare them for their transition to school and being an active participant of their greater community. In the Creators and Achievers Room children are learning the importance of inquiry and critical reflection and questioning. Their voice plays a more active role in their planned experiences and small group activities.

You can follow our Creators and Achievers learning journeys through each child’s Learning Profile in their room.