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Creativity and imagination are important for your child’s mental development and wellness. Creative and Imaginative opportunities can be found in a variety of activities within the classrooms.

This development creates opportunities for children to express, explore and discover their feelings, emotions, empathy and social skills in a safe and secure environment that offers space for children to experiment and learn about themselves and their peers.

Creative development is an important step for children to develop individuality and discover their personalities, dreams and ambitions. Creativity is not simply arts and crafts but rather the prospect of being able to develop deep and critical thinking, problem solving and processing skills, all of these will assist our children in their pursuit of life-long learning.

Health and fitness

Health and fitness is becoming more prevalent in our society to create life long habits. Physical movement and learning about healthy minds and bodies builds children’s knowledge and confidence in making decisions that are right for their bodies to grow up strong and fit.

Our meals are catered to meet the Dietary Guidelines for children and children learn about the foods that they are putting into their bodies and why good nutrition and moderation contribute to overall well-being.

The Munch and Move program is utilised within the school to help teach children about the importance of movement and physical exercise to build strong bodies to play and contribute to overall health.

Good sleep, rest and relaxation is important to little minds, giving children the ability to assist in regulating their feelings and emotions and keeping healthy. Opportunities for rest and relaxation are embedded within the service environment and routine to stimulate conversations and knowledge around the importance of taking care of “your body and mind”


Excursions do many things for a child’s development such as giving them a first-hand sense of their community, Children are encouraged to develop a sense of wonderment and curiosity; these skills grow critical thinking which is imperative to gaining an interest in their environment, it helps develop their problem-solving skills and judgment, builds their sense of resourcefulness, confidence and leadership and it teaches them creativity, problem solving and investigation.

As part of the program, children will be given the opportunity to be part of the greater community, including small visits to the park, the library, schools and establishing further relationships with Bankstown Sports Club.

Through this engagement, children will learn to connect with and understand the world around them, assisting in developing a broader picture of the world that they live in.


Our music program is unique and interactive for the children to participate in. when exposed to music from an early age, children are found to develop clearer speech, develop larger vocabularies and strengthen emotional and social skills.

Twice a week, children interact, learn and participate in our Musical Program with Jorge our Music Man. Jorge creates a welcoming and enthusiastic lesson that immerses children in defining tone, volume, tempo and rhythm while having fun and memorising songs and patterns. These skills assist in problem solving, feelings and emotions, pattern recognition, coordination, language and literacy.


Our languages program promotes cognitive development. Children who are exposed to more than one language within the first six years of development are more likely to be able to learn multiple languages as they grow older, and are more receptive to retaining vast knowledge on complex subjects. Learning multiple languages boost memory, problem solving and concentration. These stimulate creativity, mathematical and logical thinking.

Our dedicated educators share a range of language expertise and share Chinese, Serbian and Spanish with the children throughout the program.


Numbers play an important part of children’s development. Children are encouraged to use mathematical and problem-solving skills throughout many aspects of our program. Mathematical language is embedded into our framework to relate to counting, following methods and experimentation, measuring and being able to navigate puzzles and trials.


Early Literacy expands and foster’s children’s language. Reading to children builds on vocabulary and assists children in being able to form sounds and patterns necessary to begin speaking and developing more complex sentences as they develop. Developing literacy skills encourages children many avenues to communicate their needs, wants, feelings, learning and creativity throughout their education. Literacy plays an important role in fostering academic competence and imagination. These foundations contribute understanding and educational inquiry.